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Where has the time gone!

Was my last update seriously in April and now it’s the end of June?  I can not believe how this year is flying by.  I haven’t filled you in on any of our weddings for this year so I’d like to share with you one from May.  Nicole & Darin were married May 3oth at Ski Liberty Resort in Fairfield, PA.  They had a gorgeous day and I had a blast at their wedding.  Nicole was by far one of  my most organized brides.  I loved her eye for detail and sense of style.  It made the last year quite enjoyable as I kept up with her on her very own wedding blog

The wedding itself went of fantastically but unfortunately we did have an “oops” a week and a half before the big day.  One evening I got a call from the mother of the bride letting me know that the dry cleaners has destroyed the dress.  I must say, I have never talked to a mother so calm.  I think I was more frantic as one point then she was.  To make a long story short, we were able to find a store in the area that had the same dress, same size and the ability to have it altered in a few short days.   I swear, I always think I’ve seen it all and then every year there’s a “first”.  Well, let’s hope that’s it for big “oop’s” this year. 

Below are a few pictures I caputured during the evening along with some pro pics.  Check out the adorable blue birds photographed by Dustin.  Dustin was by far one of the funnest photographers I’ve ever worked with and his work is amazing!  Although he’s based in California, no worries, he tells me he’s up for travel;)

Provided by Sight Photography

Provided by Sight Photography

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Be sure to check out Nicole’s blog for more amazing photo’s from Sight Photography!


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Beautiful May Wedding Pictures!

Dan from Graybill Photography just sent me over the gorgeous pictures from Amy & Dash’s wedding last May.  Amy & Dash were such a fun loving couple and Dan did a great job of capturing their personalities!









Here’s the list of fabulous vendors that created Amy & Dash’s special day.

Location – Milestone Inn

Flowers – Floral Designs by Heather Ann

Photos – Graybill Photography

Cake – About Weddings

Music – Acoustic Crossover & Cruise Control

Stationary – Pigweed Press

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2 Weddings + 40 Brewers + Construction = Exhaustion Part 3

Part 3 is the final post about last weekend and if I must say myself, although it all together did equal sheer exhaustion, it all together ended on a wonderful note.  Saturday was Missy & Shawn’s wedding.  One of the reason’s I love what I do is each and every wedding is different and each couple has their own style.  Missy & Shawn both come from huge families.  With 300 plus guests to host, they didn’t have a lot of options on where to hold all of these people and still keep it affordable.  Luckily they live in  a beautiful location and right across from Missy’s parents house is pretty pond surrounded by fields.  A perfect spot to hold an outdoor wedding!  The weather was gourgous and everything went quietly smoothly.  I wish I had had time to snap some pictures but unfortunately with 300 plus guests, I didn’t have much down time.  Hopefully we can get a few up on the blog soon from Beyond the Moment.  They were great to work with and from what I’ve seen so far, captured some beautiful pictures! 

Congratulations Jody & Matt and Missy & Shawn!

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2 Weddings + 40 Brewers + Construction = Exhaustion Part 2

So welcome back to part two of last week.  After a great rehearsal with Matt & Jody in Reading Thursday evening, I headed back home to finish a few last details for the next day.  The next morning, waking up bright and early at 6:00 am….ugh, it hurts just to remember that time.  I am sooo not a morning person…I started the day off in Lancaster to pick up linens from my hero’s at Special Occasions.  Promptly at 8:40a.m. I was back in the car with 17 ivory striped 120-inch round linens heading back to Harrisburg.  After picking up brewer signs from the printer I dropped everything off in the CF office, helped them tie up the last few details and by 12:30 I was on the road to Reading again.  I tell you, I typically do not liking planning my day down to the 10 minute increments, but this week I felt like I had to do that every day.

Because of some highway construction, what usually takes an hour, took and hour and thirty minutes so needless to say we didn’t pull in to the Abraham Lincoln Wyndham until 2pm.  Rushing in the ballroom (of course looking totally un-frazzled:)  I realized that the table layout and napkin folds were all wrong, and for 200 plus people none the less!  Well, the “other side” took over and with a few orders barked out (in the nicest way possible) and teaching their staff how to create a pocket fold for menu cards, an hour later I was off to the Holy Rosary to meet my bride and put the finishing touches on the ceremony.  All I can say is thank god for Kelly who was assisting me on Friday.  She did a tremendous job of double checking my steps and keeping me sane.  Needless to say, the ceremony went fabulous & Jody looked absolutely gorgeous!  After the ceremony we headed back to the hotel to make sure the cocktail hour was all set up and the ballroom was completed.  Thankfully, the rest of the evening went smoothly and Jody & Matt had smiles on their faces all night long.  Thanks to Rio for providing some awesome music, all the guests seemed to have a great time.  I have to say I’ll miss working with Jody & Matt as they were the most organized yet laid back couple I’ve ever worked with.  Here are a few pictures Kelly snagged before we opened the ballroom for guests. 

BallroomGuest TableGift TableCakeGuest Table 2

Thanks to all the vendors who created such a wonderful evening for Jody & Matt!

Abraham Lincoln Wyndham Hotel


Foster’s Flowers

The Cake Lady

Cliff Mautner Photography



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2 Weddings + 40 Brewers + Construction = Exhaustion Part 1

Well after reading Jonnaysa’s blog post about her crazy wedding weekend, I thought to myself, I may as well fill you all in on why I was a tad bit crazy last week.  Plus, I can finally recap about the events without having the feeling of sheer exhaustion come over me again!

All last week the CF staff and I were tying up loose ends for Harrisburg’s annual Brewers Fest.  With a caterer dropping out 2 days before the event all I can say is, Thank God for contacts!  A special thanks to Lancaster Brewing Company & Special Occasions for saving the day.  I spent the majority of my mornings and afternoons all last week on the phone & running last minute errands for Brewers Fest, and yes I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t be at the actual even to see it all come together.  However, I heard it was a huge success!

So Thursday (after spending the majority of the day stressing about a caterer), I headed to Reading for Jody & Matt’s wedding rehearsal at Holy Rosary .  The church is over 100 years old and is absolutely gorgeous.  Sorry no pictures they really weren’t allowed in the sanctuary.  The rehearsal went great and I had a blast meeting all their friends and family.  Luckily, Reading is a little less than an hour away from my office, so it gave me some downtime to relax and gather my thoughts. 

Since I dont’ want this post to be 5 pages long, I figured I’d break it up into segments.  But one more thing before I’m done.  The “construction” really added to the drama of the week and I must say it was bittersweet.  Phil and I have had problem after problem with our new home we bought last summer and since September we have been without a proper working septic system.  After countless township, contractor, & lawyer consultations (oh and a lot of waiting!), we finally received the go ahead to start construction!  One year after buying our house, we finally have a fully functional house!  Funny part is, I joked since last December that they wouldn’t fix things until my busiest week of the year…..I think God had a good laugh at that one!  Needless to say, construction is done and stay tuned for how the weddings went!


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Celebration of Life Service

This past weekend I had the honor to work on a Memorial service, or what was renamed as, a Celebration of Life service.  May 4th of 2007, 3 young men were tragically killed in a car accident on prom night.  Little did I know, that one of the young men’s fathers attended the same church as my husband and I.  Although I’ve never worked on an event of this nature before, I was called upon to donate my time and services and it was truly a sad but full-filling experience.  It was inspiring to see over 100 teenagers come together this past Sunday to celebrate their friends.  Although I must say, I enjoy happier events much more, I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to share this time with the families and friends of these young men….my thoughts and prayers are with them.

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Another Busy but Successful Weekend

It’s been a little crazy the last few weeks, but I must say this weekend was a lot of fun.  Saturday we kicked off the weekend with a Great Strides walk in Lancaster at the Greenfield Corporate Center.  The CF staff is having a rebuilding year and have been very nervous about how their events will be received.  Fortunately, the first of the year was a huge success!  Walkers and volunteers continuously complimented how well organized the event was and they saw over 200 walkers, their biggest turnout ever!  Best part is, they raised over $47,000 for CF research!!!  How amazing is that?  I’m so proud of the Lancaster volunteers, walkers, & CF staff; they did a fabulous job!

Sunday we had the pleasure to be a part of the Premier Bride bridal show at the Peter Allen House.   Premier Bride did a fabulous job organizing the event.  Unfortunately mother nature wasn’t in the mood to cooperate but we all still had a great time.  At the show we unveiled the new logo and company name…needless to say I definitely confused some of my vendors when they came looking for me and Coordinated Dreams was no where to be found.  Fortunately though, the name change has been a hit and we had a great response from the 2008/2009 brides that attended!  Looking forward to another busy but successful year!

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