Country Chic for a New Yorker

One of my brides asked me for a list of beautiful sites for family portraits and as I was naming a few, I realized I never posted about Marissa & Scott’s wedding back in June!   I worked with the two of them for a little over a year and half so it was bittersweet to see the day come to an end.  Marissa & Scott are both artists so they came to the table with tons of design ideas…the tricky part was focusing it all into one clear theme.  We ended up with country chic.  This was truely a destination wedding because every single person was from out of the area, the majority coming from New York.  Although there’s always family drama thrown into the mix, by the end of the night, I only heard what a wonderful time they all had.  Marissa & Scott did  a great job of thinking about their guests right down to dietary restrictions & comfort.  I”ll miss working with these two!  Enjoy some pictures we had time to snap and one below from the very talented Scott Church. 
Provided by Photographer Scott Church
And thank you to the talented professionals that helped to pull this day off!
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4-47-09 1254-47-09 1324-47-09 1284-47-09 119

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