Where has the time gone!

Was my last update seriously in April and now it’s the end of June?  I can not believe how this year is flying by.  I haven’t filled you in on any of our weddings for this year so I’d like to share with you one from May.  Nicole & Darin were married May 3oth at Ski Liberty Resort in Fairfield, PA.  They had a gorgeous day and I had a blast at their wedding.  Nicole was by far one of  my most organized brides.  I loved her eye for detail and sense of style.  It made the last year quite enjoyable as I kept up with her on her very own wedding blog

The wedding itself went of fantastically but unfortunately we did have an “oops” a week and a half before the big day.  One evening I got a call from the mother of the bride letting me know that the dry cleaners has destroyed the dress.  I must say, I have never talked to a mother so calm.  I think I was more frantic as one point then she was.  To make a long story short, we were able to find a store in the area that had the same dress, same size and the ability to have it altered in a few short days.   I swear, I always think I’ve seen it all and then every year there’s a “first”.  Well, let’s hope that’s it for big “oop’s” this year. 

Below are a few pictures I caputured during the evening along with some pro pics.  Check out the adorable blue birds photographed by Dustin.  Dustin was by far one of the funnest photographers I’ve ever worked with and his work is amazing!  Although he’s based in California, no worries, he tells me he’s up for travel;)

Provided by Sight Photography

Provided by Sight Photography

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Be sure to check out Nicole’s blog for more amazing photo’s from Sight Photography!


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  1. I think we should have a re-do on the wedding! I had too much fun!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!! Let me know when you take a trip out to LA 🙂

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