Tidbit Tuesday – Honeymoon Planning

I’ve been told by many of my brides that their favorite part of the wedding process was looking forward to their honeymoon.  I completely understand because it’s that “reward” for all your hard work put in the last couple of months and it’s a wonderful time to relax with your new husband.  Honeymoon’s involve planning too, and often times, brides forget that part.  I often hear that the groom is in charge of the honeymoon plans or that the couple will be planning it themselves.  This always worries me because like a wedding, your dropping a lot of money in hopes that everything will turn out just the way you imagined.  So, just like you would hire a wedding planner to make sure those expectations come true, you also need to consider hiring a travel agent to make sure your honeymoon dreams come true. 

When looking for a travel agent you want to look into their specializations.  Do they plan family vacations, destination weddings, honeymoons?  Some one that specializes in a certain travel area will have more contacts and resources to give you.  They can also save you a lot of money when it comes to knowing what strings to pull.  You also want to check into references.  The Internet is a wonderful thing these days and makes it easy to find compliments and complaints on businesses.   An agent that I will always recommend is Lindsey Hoffman with Ultra Tech Travel.  Lindsey came highly recommended to me and throughout our time working together I see why.  She has given my bride, who is getting married in Jamaica, awesome service.  I know that if anything were to happen before or during the wedding or honeymoon, Lindsey would be one phone call away to make things right, and that’s peace of mind that’s worth every penny!


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